Tuesday, October 2, 2012

On a mission

I'm taking this whole food journey a little differently than Karen.  I have been gradually decreasing the amount of unpronounceable preservatives and additives all summer long.  The last thing to go was that loaf of cheap spongy bread-substance.  I used to make all of my own bread and while I loved doing it, with 3 under 4 and the shear amount of bread we go through in a week... it just wasn't feasible to pick up bread making again.  So early last month we ran out of our freezer stash of bread and just quit right there.

Today for lunch for the kiddos:
Half an avocado, some cottage cheese, and a handful of grapes.
Some cottage cheese and leftover green bean mixture (carmelized onions, 1 tomato, some chili powder), and a handful of grapes.
Derek: leftover soup and a frozen smoothie

Honestly, feeding Derek lunch has been the hardest part of this journey so far.  It gets easier... but it's still hard if we don't have leftovers!

My personal mission is to rid my home of processed sugar during this time: only maple syrup, honey, and molasses (yum) allowed.  I feel like processed sugar is influencing my moods, energy levels, and often my 'rewards' for getting something done.  None of those are good influences.

Yesterday and today were epic fails, but not because I have any of that in the house.  All the failures were from stuff we ate while out, the free cookies from the grocery store (not sure how to break that bad habit), the free cupcakes from joining the club at the cupcake store where I buy my milk, and the goodies at Ladies bible study.  Here's to better self-control for me... and a strategy for saying no to those free cookies...

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