Monday, October 1, 2012

Creamy, Chunky Potato Sausage Soup

Dinner: Golden Potato Soup - with a few modifications.  I made enough to serve 8.  I substituted corn for celery.  I used a magic trick to mix the flour and milk (get out your magic tupperware and wand.  Pour milk into tupperware.  Add flour.  Put down wand.  Put lid on  tupperware.  Shake it like you do when you zumba!  Pour mixture into soup.)  I didn't use ham - I used sausage.  And, of course, I added garlic powder. Which should be in practically every savory dish, so add it if in doubt.
My hubby added Frank's Original to spice it up.
Definitely a keeper!  Kids liked it, we loved it!

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  1. In case you're wondering - Frank's is all natural! Who knew?